No. Its totally free without any obligation to join. If you say you dont like the demo , it will be perfectly fine with us and we will not at all follow you. No further calls or follow ups etc! In short we will not bother you.
After the Demo class, student can start regular classes. You can pay after taking two regular classes if you are planning for more than 5 classes. However student can make payment after each class also. You can discuss with the teacher about the payment - when and how to pay.
When you are satisfied with the demo you can start taking the regular classes and You don't need to pay in advance.
Yes, You can stop the online classes whenever you want. We will accept your decesion as such, However you have to clear all the pending payment if any.
We take classes on Zoom, Skype and Google meet, We use digital pentab and whiteboard. You will get the session notes and session recording of the whole class. Which you can reply anytime.